Ceiling FAQ’s

Q: How does the treatment work?

A: Our process utilizes an oxidizing, mild detergent spray that penetrates into the surface converting the grime, smoke and contaminants into microscopic particles which release the dirt, dust and discoloration.

 Q: Is the treatment safe?

A: Yes. Our product is non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Our technicians use tarps to cover all items that may be affected below the spray areas.

Q: Is there preparation required?

A: No. Our technicians tarp all areas. We do ask that items on the walls or loose items on top of cabinets that can not be covered be removed prior to our scheduled arrival.

 Q: Does the cleaning treatment affect the fire rating?

A: No. In fact there is no residue from the solution and the cleaning process returns the ceiling to original fire rating when the tiles were new.

Q: Does painting affect the fire rating?

A: Yes. The change will depend on the type of paint used, but it does reduce the fire resistance value of the tile.

Q: Does painting affect the acoustic rating?

A: Yes. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)  –  An NRC value of 0.60 for a new ceiling tile indicates that, on average, it will absorb 60 percent of reflected sound when used in an enclosed space such as an office.  When an acoustic tile is painted it fills in the pinholes and crevices that absorb the sound waves which reduces the NRC value.

 Q: How long has this process been utilized?

A:  The manufacturer and creator of this system have been successfully operating globally since 1986.

Q: Where has this system been used before?

A: This system is being used  globally in shopping malls, shops, airports, hospitals, schools, nursing and rest homes, retirement villages, industrial work places, public areas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, apartment blocks, office blocks and also in residential houses.

Q: Will the application process create major disruption and/or delays areas being treated?

A: Normally not. We normally schedule the work around your hours of operation whenever possible.