Corporate Vision:

NanoVations creation is based on an innovative approach to assist technological breakthroughs exposure by introducing Nanotechnology based products and services to the Canadian market place. NanoVations selects products and technologies that benefit the client as well as stewarding to environmentally sound practices and regulatory limits. The company is proud to promote growth and development of specialized and innovative products & services that improve and promote development of current technologies. We are simultaneously finding solutions for the challenges of the commercial, public and private sectors, as well as bridging viable Nanotechnology developer’s inventions into the marketplace within NanoVations regions of operations. Although the core vision of NanoVations will continue to promote nano-based technologies we have recently expanded to include some conventional technologies as well.

Pursuant to our clients needs NanoVations has also expanded our services to include:

    • A floor safety system which has over 2 decades of successful anti-slip treatment history on a global level.

We are now offering gift certificates of safety to our residential clients anti-slip needs. As customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business we cordially ask if you have a special request please let us know and we will find a solution.

Please contact us if we may be of assistance or for additional information.