Anti-slip FAQ’s

Posi info sheetQ: How does the anti-slip treatment work?

A: When the unique anti-slip solution is applied, a passive change to the surface is chemically created by the products to increase the pore size of the hard surface.  This change creates a modified tread design, improving the SCOF and is invisible to the eye


Q: Does the appearance of the floor change after the treatment?

A: The change created on the surface of the tile is invisible to the eye.  Nothing is left on the surface at all.  The treatment is not a sealer or a coating, in fact, after the application is completed, the surface actually looks unchanged.


Q: How long do you have to wait before using or walking on the floor after the product is applied?

A: There is no dry time.  The surface can be walked on immediately after the application is completed.


Q: How long has this process been utilized?

A:  The manufacturer and creator of this system has been providing safe walking areas since 1986.

Q: Where could the application of anti-slip treatments be effectively utilized?

A: This system is being used  globally in shopping malls, mechanical shops, airports, aircraft hangers, hospitals, schools, nursing and rest homes, retirement villages, industrial work places, public areas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, apartment blocks, office blocks, and also in residential areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower bases, bath tubs, laundry rooms, garages,  pool & spa surrounds, bbq areas, patios and steps. Virtually this system can be used anywhere there is a risk of slip conditions and the surface is mineral based.

Q: Will the application process create major disruption and/or delays to the use of walkways or areas being treated?

A: There is minimal disruption as it takes little time to apply, and whilst it is preferable to avoid the area during the treatment process, it can still be used.  There is no mess, no noise and no strong odors.

Q: Is the anti-slip treatment guaranteed?

A: It is guaranteed for two years when applied by our technicians, but the anti-slip has been known to last for up to 5 years dependant on the maintenance regiment and quality of cleaner as well as volume of usage.


Q: Is the anti-slip treatment effective when it is wet?

A: Yes. In fact, after the treatment, the surface is even more slip resistant when it is wet than when it is dry.


Q: Can the treatment be used on hardwood and vinyl floors?

A: No.  We do have other solutions for these types of surfaces.

Q: Can painted concrete be treated to be slip resistant?

A: Yes. This would be a completely different system that would not utilize the same technology.

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